Upcoming Litter

Update as of 05/25/24: I am in the early stages of planning our next litter, which will likely be bred around Spring 2025, depending on heat cycles.

I will be updating my site over the next couple of months with more information as my breeding plans start to solidify, and am happy to start conversations with families who are looking to add a puppy to their family next fall (breeding likely in May + 63 day gestation = puppies born around July and ready to go home mid-Sept 2025).

In the interim, this blog post on Puppy Buyer Etiquette is a rather cheeky, yet accurate guide on improving your chances of getting a puppy from me. If you're interested in a puppy from my program and you're able to wait until next summer, I would be more than happy to start chatting to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.

Transparently, I do not operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, I select and assess prospective puppy homes based on demonstration of strong knowledge and understanding of the breed, and the ability to provide the same level of care, love and commitment I provide to my own dog.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR AMERICANS: The CDC recently announced they will be imposing restrictions on dogs entering the United States as of August 1, 2024. Dogs entering the US must be a minimum of 6 months of age with no exceptions. Unless this rule is reversed, I will not be accepting any US puppy people onto my waitlist at this point in time. More information on this rule can be found on the CDC website here.

Other things to note:

  • All puppies will be raised following the Puppy Culture protocol and will be registered through the Canadian Kennel Club as purebred Eurasiers.
  • Puppies will be dewormed, microchipped, and vaccinated prior to leaving for their new homes. Puppies will be ready for their new homes between 8-10 weeks. Under no circumstances are puppies to depart before 8 full weeks of age.
  • We do not ship our puppies unaccompanied under any circumstances. All puppies must be picked up from our house in Ottawa, Ontario.