Upcoming Litter

Update as of 7/31/23: Raising our first litter has been a roller-coaster but all puppies have now been placed in their homes!

Our next litter is TBD - we will wait and see how the puppies from this litter grow up before deciding whether to breed Victra again. We will not be breeding Victra until we have a confirmed waitlist of serious parties interested specifically in the Glenfell Eurasiers breeding program. We will likely shortlist 4-5 of the top approved and vetted applications and ask for a small waitlist fee after an application (likely $100) to confirm that there is sufficient serious interest prior to breeding again to ensure that we have great homes for all the puppies born.

If we do have another litter and there are not enough puppies born to meet the number of confirmed applications, the waitlist fee will be refunded or can be transferred to the following litter.

IF we decide to breed Victra again, we will definitely be skipping her next heat cycle (expected October 2023) and MAYBE consider breeding her for her following cycle (expected June 2024). Victra's heat cycle is typically every eight months. If that breeding is successful, puppies will be born August 2024 and ready to go home early November 2024.

If this timing works for your family, and you are interested in a Glenfell Eurasier, please feel free to reach out via email to introduce yourself. As we do not expect puppies for a while, we will be disabling the online application form until we have confirmed when the next litter will take place.


Things to note:

  • All puppies will be raised following the Puppy Culture protocol and will be registered through the Canadian Kennel Club as purebred Eurasiers.
  • Puppies will be dewormed, microchipped, and vaccinated prior to leaving for their new homes. Puppies will be ready for their new homes between 8-10 weeks. Under no circumstances are puppies to depart before 8 full weeks of age.
  • We do not ship our puppies unaccompanied under any circumstances. All puppies must be picked up from our house in Ottawa, Ontario.