Additional resources

As a (new) Eurasier puppy owner, there is a wealth of additional information available that you may find helpful as you prepare for your upcoming puppy.


  • Eurasiers in North America Facebook Group - This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a question, please remember to search the group before posting as it's likely your question has been answered before!

Resources about Eurasiers

  • Eurasier Yesterday & Today by Annelie Feder - This is a great, in-depth book that provides a lot of background information about the Eurasier spanning from the breed history, breed clubs, the breed standard, etc. Available by emailing the author ( It ships from Europe; €37.50 euros + €9 euro shipping to North America, takes about 3 weeks to receive
  • The Eurasier - The breed standard explained with photos by Leon Scholten - The author is a Eurasier conformation judge in the Netherlands and the EU, and his book presents the breed standard through photos, explaining the standard and what is ideal and in deviation. The book is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the breed, but particularly recommended for anyone who is interested in understanding the breed standard, showing, and conformation. The United States Eurasier Club has a few copies available for sale; approximately $30 USD + shipping to Canada.

Resources about training

  • Puppy Culture - Helpful information showing you how to best continue their socialization after you bring them home, and how to be your puppy's best advocate.
  • Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt - The Control Unleashed program is great for creating a deeper bond and engagement with your puppy. The second book in the series, The Puppy Program, may be particularly helpful.