About Me

Hi, my name is Christy and I am the face behind Glenfell Eurasiers, a new preservation breeder of Eurasiers. I am highly passionate about the Eurasier breed and I want to be an option for prospective Eurasier puppy owners to come to when looking for a responsibly bred, well-socialized Eurasier puppy.

A little about me: I have loved dogs from a very young age - my stuffed animals as a child were all dogs and I would pore over my Dogs in Canada magazines reading about each breed, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that my personal circumstances allowed me to get a dog of my own.

Woman and dog are high-fiving in a tunnel of trees.

As such, it was not long ago that I was in the same position as you likely are in now, discovering the Eurasier breed, researching endlessly about their personality and characteristics, reaching out to breeders and hoping to get on a waitlist. I want to share all that I’ve learned over the past 3-4 years to help you be as educated as possible so that you can be equipped with the same knowledge, avoid the same pitfalls I did in selecting and raising my first dog, and make educated decisions for you and your family.

The Eurasier is an incredible breed and I want to ensure that they remain that way. As this breed’s popularity grows, there will only be an increasing number of breeders; not all will take the same level of thought and care into each pairing or have the desire to preserve the breed characteristics and improve the breed with each litter.

My goals are to ensure that the Eurasier stays true to its breed standard and continue to be a healthy breed. I will not simply breed just for the sake of breeding; I will ensure that I have homes ready for the puppies I breed, and I will ensure that each pairing I make is thoughtfully researched and weighed to ensure that any dogs I produce will look and act like Eurasiers were meant to be in addition to being structurally and functionally sound to give your dog the best chances for a healthy life, capable of keeping up with any activities with you and your family.

I will also do my utmost best to ensure that any ironpuppies I produce will be confident and well-socialized, capable of tolerating the variety of circumstances that life will throw at them. To do this, I will follow Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy programs, and perform the Volhard test to ensure that I can appropriately match puppies to their best future families. Families welcoming my dogs into their homes will get predictable, healthy and resilient puppies that fit perfectly with your family.